I am drawn to the beauty of the local landscape on Yorksghire, and I have been exploring the boundary between fine art and photography.  I use a carefully controlled shift, either horizontally or vertically during the camera exposure to alter the image reaching the sensor.  The blurring of the detail, somehow emphasises the significance of the colours. On horizontal planes such as on top of the moors, this produces an image of colur bands, reminiscent of a seascape.   The result is unpredicable and relies on the quality of the exposure shift. To me, they encapsulate the fresh air and freedom you feel striding ahead over the heather.

When you walk into a forest and look into the dense array of trees, small glimpses of sunlit areas can be seen in between the trunks suggesting another world beyond. This oasis of light within a darkened forest has a magical, surreal appeal suggesting a fantasy within the woodland. These photographs were captured on hot sunny days at the height of summer, when the air was heavy with the hum of insects and the woodland plants were fully grown and fresh.  By manipulating the light entering the camera I hope to have captured the essence of those moments.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a limited edition signed print.