Social networking sites such as facebook and Linkedin have become important elements of self promotion within  a career or business.

It therefore makes good sense to have a professionally produced portrait. As part of the sitting it is essential to establish the market and style of the portrait required: in some cases, a darker background is preferred, or perhaps a lighter colour depending on the colour of the literature where the image is likely to appear. It may even be a head and shoulders shot to accompany an article in a journal, where some background interest can add helpful context.

It's useful to have a mixture of shots, facing left and right, to suit different positions on a page. Some off camera shots, and some into the camera establishing a more personal link with the viewer.

I can also advise on the suitability of tops and necklines for added impact. The aim is that you will have a set of images that will be very useful in several circumstances, and that best represent you in your profession. The price for the sitting plus low resolution image files on a cd is £50.